About Us

Why Ribbonic ?

  • We provide a large variety of product range which can be used to assemble different sizes of products.
  • We also offer different types of accessories to go along with our products.
  • We are the best in the market in providing state-of-the-art services.
  • All our products comply after extensive research thus we can ensure strong customer satisfaction.
  • We are here to help our customers all year around. Our customers can reach us between 9 am to 9 pm all 7 days of the week.
  • Our products are easy to assemble and do not require very highly skilled carpenters for assembling.
  • Any normally talented carpenter can easily and quickly assemble our products.
  • Our company provides measurement charts and assembly diagrams in the installation kit to make the assembly process smooth and easy.
  • Our kits include 4 penetrated hydraulic mechanisms which make the product strain-less and easy to use.
  • We have vast experience and a long-lasting presence in serving our customers with Murphy beds.
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