Dining Table Guide

Ribbonic Vertical / Horizontal Dining Fitting Hardware

  • Total 12 Parts of this Fittings.
  • 2 Piece Black Powder Coated Piston Attachment (L & R) 
  • 2 Piece Bracket (L & R)
  • 2 Piece Folding Bracket Leg 
  • 2 Piece Heavy Duty Hydraulic Gas Pump
  • 2 Piece Hydraulic and Fittings
  • 2 piece Magnet bed Frame Support
  • hydraulic Load Capacity 100kg 
  • installation Chart 
  • measurement chart 
  • Total Fittings Wight 3kg

Image of Dining Table Fitting Hardware

This image displays the dining table which is attached to the wall. It has a depth of 6 inches. You can similarly assemble the dining table using the measurement chart available in the installation kit. Please use 18mm thick plywood sheets to make this dining table.

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