Vertical Wall Beds Guide

Ribbonic -King Size/ Queen Size Murphy Bed Fitting Hardware

  • Total 16 Parts of this Fittings.
  • 2 Piece Black Powder Coated Piston Attachment (L & R) 
  • 2 Piece L Shape Bracket (L & R)
  • 2 Piece Folding Bracket Leg 
  • 4 Piece Heavy Duty Hydraulic Gas Pump
  • 4 Piece Hydraulic and Fittings
  • 2 piece Magnet bed Frame Support
  • Hydraulic Load Capacity Size 5 by 6 into 500kg  / 6 by 6 into 600kg
  • Installation Chart 
  • Measurement chart 
  • Total Fittings Wight 11kg


This is the first part of the Murphy vertical wall bed. This part is made of an 18mm thick ply. You just need to use the screw to assemble this product. Assembling our Murphy vertical wall bed is very simple and easy using the measurement chart provided in the installation kit. Once you are done connecting all the plywood sheets into a box, you need to attach the box to the wall. Please do not use any laminates on the current sides of the box. Our customers can also use the double-thick ply sheet which is 36mm thick to assemble the primary box. Our Murphy vertical wall bed requires a minimum depth of at least 12mm, so please ensure that the depth of the box isn’t less than 12 inches.


The wall bed panel is the main portion of the Murphy vertical wall bed, so please assemble it very carefully and safely. We have to assemble the wall bed panel using screws and 18mm thick sheets of plywood. During forming the boundary of the top and bottom sides of the panel, ensure that all the sheets fit perfectly. Leave spaces of approximately 2 inches on the left and the right side of the panel. Attach the supplied attachable parts at the bottom of the panel using screws.


The image here displays the actual behind the box product. Notice where and how the hydraulics are placed and attached. Start with attaching the small hydraulics. The upper screw of the hydraulic should be a 2-inch wall side cross from the lower screw of the hydraulic. To attach the larger hydraulic repeat the same process similar to the small hydraulic.

Please ensure that this entire process is performed when the wall bed panel of your vertical Murphy wall bed is closed.


This image displays the positioning of the hydraulic when the bed is open. To manage the mattress and the panel weight we use four hydraulics. When we open the bed no pressure will be applied so we can easily open and close the bed. Because we use four hydraulic whole load is distributed and life cycle will increase and the vertical Murphy wall bed will not be damaged soon.


As shown in figure you can joint two plywood like this.If you can joint plywood like this than you have to attach laminate (sunmaica) both side.

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